• What should I wear?
         Dress hot and sexy!  Dress to impress! Dress comfortable! Dress like your ready to party!

  • It's our first time. What should we expect?
          The most important thing to understand is that nothing is ever expected of you. The club seems much like any nightclub. Feel free to dance, talk, or just hang out.  Our members are very respectful creating a comfortable enjoyable atmosphere. You are ALWAYS in control. Expect to have fun and meet new people. One night stands or life long friends.
  • Are single (unescorted) males allowed?
       Absolutely no single men allowed. Term single means any single male not escorted by a female.
  • What are the members like?
         The average age of our members is 21-50 years old. Our clients are very friendly and respectful, creating an atmosphere that is easy to feel comfortable in. Our members are ready to have a good time and party like no other.

  • Are people aggressive or pushy?
         Absolutely no aggressive or pusy members will be tolerated. We will have security staff  on at all times. Absolutely no unruly or out of line behavior will be tolerated or accepted by any members. Unruly behavior will be subgected to being escorted out of the club and banned permanetly from any future events. Our club members are very respectful of one another. 'No' means just that, 'no'. We have never had to ask anyone to leave due to inappropriate behavior, but will do so if necessary.

  • What time should I arrive?
         As early as possible! Doors open at 9 pm. No one will be turned away at any hour. All members are free to come ang go as they please.